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ADVSS USA – Advanced Security Services Llc was founded on the principles of integrity and high performance. After recognizing major gaps in the market, ADVSS created a program to ensure quality, properly trained personnel (de-escalation, health & safety etc) and integrity within management. ADVSS’s mission is clear. To provide an outstanding service in an exceptional manner with zero excuses!

    After years in the field, Ms. Nwobodo became a correctional officer who sought to make a positive impact in the community. She went on to receive a degree in Business Administration and also a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Having done this and met Mr. Langford in the years prior, decided to bring ADVSS to fruition. 

    Mr. Langford and Mr. Downer met while training at the 131 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers in Bath, England. Both Mr. Downer and Mr. Langford have developed skillsets through-out the years that have allowed them to excel in both their careers and travel the world. 

Welcome to ADVSS.

    We strive to provide a bespoke elite service with polished staff and a keen focus on integrity, performance and competence. With a host of qualifications and years of experience in the field, the team at ADVSS strive to provide an exceptional service from a polished, experienced professional, well versed on their security procedures and necessary protocols.


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